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Students Verbatim

What students and parents say about CP-Gurukul


Jyoti Singh

Currently studying at AIIMS Rishikesh

“Actually it was not mine but my brother’s decision that I should join CP-Gurukul. I feel that it was one of the best decisions ever made in my favour. My experience at Gurukul was just amazing it is the perfect place for studying where all kinds of support may it be academic or non academic is provided. The best thing is that every facility is within the campus. All faculty members were very cooperative and helped us in clearing all our doubts. I must say overall Gurukul is an amazing place for learning.”


Udit Pandey

Class - 7th Kampalal, Uganda

“I like this place because of the good education system and I think I can make a good career. We have got one of the best environments for study here. The students are very good and the teachers’ coordination is commendable. We have doubt counters, where we can clear all our doubts. We also have evening hobby classes. We have good hostel facilities and the wardens make sure that there is no misbehaving. The food here is also delicious. We have some
shops in the campus wherein we can buy stationeries and groceries. We have an outing once in a month to refresh our minds. At night we have a supervisory class where we study from 8.00 to 10.00pm. Overall it is excellent.”


Hreetik Panda

Currently studying at NIT Calicut

“Being a part of this institute proved to be one of my best decisions. I spent my XI grade in the hostel and it was the first time for me to be away from home (Saudi Arabia to be particular) and bit difficult for me to concentrate on studies. But in the XII Grade when my mom came to stay along with me in MATRACHAYA, I improved my grades and got into the ‘Lakshya Batch’. The faculty and the staff here are very friendly and address to all our requirements. I wouldn’t have ended up in NIT Calicut without the support of my faculty and studious atmosphere of Gurukul.”


Shubham Kumar

Currently studying at NIT Kurukshetra

“At CP Gurukul, I received everything that me any my parents expected. Best faculty with superb teaching methodology for cracking any competitive exam be it IIT, NEET, KVPY, SCRA or any other. The staff or the administrative officer at Gurukul treated us like their own children. I’m currently at NIT Kurukshetra due to mentoring received at Gurukul but here I miss the food which I use to get at Gurukul. Environment at Gurukul has taught me hardwork, focus and has cultivated a will power in me that can help me to reach the summit of any mountain in life.”


Anideepa Chakraborty

Class - 10th Dubai, UAE

“I am living in Gurukul for the past one and a half year. When I first arrived at Gurukul I wasn’t very happy, as I was so far from home, but the students and teachers have been so nice to me that I started feeling more comfortable. The girls specially were very friendly and they befriended me very soon. Apart from socializing Gurukul’s education system has helped me a lot. I have become, much better in studies as compared to when I was at home. The teachers try their best to help me wherever and whenever they can; they are very passionate about teaching us and are always ready to clear our doubts. They keep giving lots of extra knowledge and try to make
the classes as interesting as possible by constantly involving the students in their group discussion. Gurukul has been a life time experience for me. I will never forget it and try to make the most of it every day.”


Vedangi Sharma

Class - 8th Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

“I Vedangi Sharma from Saudi Arabia of class 8th feel really lucky to stay and study at CP Gurukul. I have a really pleasant experience here. The food we get here is really mouthwatering and delicious. The teachers and the wardens are really very kind and helpful. The morning physical training here keeps us healthy and fit. All of our
daily needs and requirements are available at the Departmental Store within the campus. I thank Gurukul for giving me a second Home.”