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1What are the subjects offered by CP Gurukul in the Commerce stream?

The subject combinations for the Commerce stream in CP Gurukul are English, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, and any fifth subject like Physical Education/Informative Practice/Maths/Computer Science.

2Can I take Maths with Commerce in CP Gurukul?


3Can I take Maths with PCB or vice versa in CP Gurukul?


4What are the criteria for Admission in CP Gurukul & what are documents required for Admission?

Admissions in the Boarding School Program at CP Gurukul is provided on the basis of previous (2 yrs.) academic performance & non-academic (Cultural/sports) achievements, if any. The admission committee will review your performance & asked you to deposit the registration amount. If the performance is not satisfactory then you will be asked to appear in the Aptitude Test.

5How can I check the performance of my ward from my home?

Download Career Point Gurukul school app, to see your student performance

6In case I want to talk to the faculties of the residential school program of Career Point Gurukul, then what is the procedure?

If you want to talk to the faculties of the residential school program of Career Point Gurukul, kindly contact the admission office & share your concern.

7When will the syllabus of class XI be completed?

By 15 Jan 2024 (for the students taking admission in session 2023-24) kindly refer our School Academic system

8When will the syllabus of class XII be completed Career Point Gurukul?

By 15 Jan 2024 (for the students taking admission in session 2023-24) kindly refer our Smart Prep teaching methodology Click Here

9The faculties for school syllabus & competitive exam syllabus will be the same or different?

The faculties are so deeply trained that they can teach you school syllabus as well as competitive syllabus too.

10When will you conduct coaching class & when will you conduct school classes?

For class VI to IX & XI, there will be integrated preparation of school & coaching syllabus. While in Class X & XII we will teach you board syllabus in the first 3 months followed by competitive exam coaching.

11Is there any Medical Facility available?

24*7 medical facility available & Ambulance is also available.

12My ward is very good in Basketball (or any other sport), then what extra facility will CP Gurukul provide for him?

We have separate sports academy in which the student will be guided by a special coach for the chosen sport.

13Do you provide non-veg food, my ward is very habitual of eating non-veg food regularly?

There is the facility to arrange Non-vegetarian food from outside on a chargeable basis. (But only Vegetarian food is served in the mess of residential school campus.)

14What is the nutritional value of mess food provided in CP Gurukul?

Proper nutritional diet is provided in lunch & dinner (Dal, Seasonal Veg, Rice, Salad, Chapati,etc.).

15Do you have a guest house facility in Career Point Gurukul for Parent Stay?

Just adjacent to our campus, there’s a hotel in which the parent can stay & it also provides subsidized stay for CP Gurukul Parents

16Do you provide any calendar for Parents by which one can see how many activities the Boarding school will conduct in the whole year for the overall development of the child?

Academic & Activity Calendar will be provided to parents on first day of school

17Do you have any option to learn other languages like French,Spanish, Latin,etc?

Yes French Lab is available in our campus.

18Is the course fee includes charges for Books, Uniform & other stationery?

No, the course fee which you pay for Residential student is exclusive of charges for Books, Uniform & other stationary

19How much cash should I handover to my child to accomplish his daily needs?

You don’t need to hand over cash to your child to buy things of daily needs as we have cashless Card facility on the campus. So you don’t need to worry about any cash handling.

20Do you provide outing to students & if yes, how many times? Any prior permission of Parent is necessary or not?

Yes, according to the prior permission of parents we provide outing once in a month & our support staff is also present in it for supervision.

21Any finance scheme available for Residential school program of Career Point Gurukul?

Yes, EMI facility is available from Bajaj Finserv, credit fair. For more details contact the admission office.

22How I will choose or how the Gurukul will suggest stream after 10th exam?

Based on previous academic performance or entrance test.

23Can I pay the whole fee in one time & is there any benefit for me in doing so?

Yes, you can pay the whole fee in a single time & you will get an extra 7% discount in the net payable amount.

24In Gurukul, summer vacation is available or not?

Summer vacation of 40 to 45 day period is available for class 6th to class 10th students. Whereas for the students of class 11th, 20 days’ vacation in the month of March will be given and no vacations for class 12th as they have to appear for the board and competitive entrance exams both.

25Do you provide separate hostels for Girls and Boys in Career Point Gurukul?

Yes, separate hostels are provided to boys and girls students inside the residential school campus of Career Point Gurukul.

26What about safety and security in Career Point Gurukul?

There is 24×7 security and safety in CP Gurukul as the whole campus remains under CCTV surveillance and under the supervision of security personnel.

27Is there any scholarship available in Career Point Gurukul or not?

No, there is not any scholarship available in Career Point Gurukul as such, except for a 10% sibling discount for the younger brother or sister, whose elder sibling is already studying in CP Gurukul.

28How does a student’s individual progress is measured? And how will I get those updates about my child’s performance and progress?

Tests are organized regularly to monitor the student’s performance. If any student scores low or lags somewhere then special personal attention will be provided.

29How skilled are the teachers of CP Gurukul?

The teachers of CP Gurukul are highly learned and highly experienced, most of them are IITians, NITians, Doctors and personnel who have technical qualifications. You may see the faculty details on our website.

30How is CP Gurukul methodology different from any other Regular or Residential schools?

Unlike other schools, CP Gurukul doesn’t remain limited to the textbooks. We provide integrated preparation for competitive exams & also focus on career planning. There are many learning resources available in the residential school campus, books library to access different academic as well as non-academic books. Additionally, the students of CP Gurukul get access to the recorded video lectures, doubt removal classes and are exposed to different self-development activities.