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How to Choose the Right Stream After Class 10th?

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In India, it’s the class 10th board exams that you need to pass mandatorily in order to pursue your further education. Further, every 10th standard students happen to ponder how to choose the right stream after class 10th.

Till class 10th it’s was the school and the school board (to which your school was affiliated) that decided what you will be studying till your class 10th. Wherein, you were subjected to learn subjects like Hindi, English, Science, Mathematics, Social Science etc, in their basic formats. But it’s the period after class 10th board exams that serves as a stage where you get to choose your subjects of study. In class 11th you will get options of many streams and each of these streams will have some specific subjects

Now interestingly, past trends show that no one used to think and discuss questions like “how to choose the right stream after class 10th?”

Instead, the marks obtained in class 10th board exams served as the basis of stream selection. Since back then, there were no provisions of entrance examinations for college admissions. It was done according to the marks obtained. For example, the students obtaining 85 plus percentage in boards were allowed to choose science streams. Moreover, the students scoring 60 to 75 percentages of marks were offered the commerce streams and the rest of the low achievers had to go with the option of Arts.

However, after gradual changes made in the educational sector, the marks achieved in class 10th board exams no longer remains the deciding factor. It’s you who would be deciding it!!

Now you may be aware that on a broader level, there are three streams to be selected from. And the subject combinations pertaining to these streams are mentioned below.

Subjects Pertaining to the Science Stream or Say “STEM Subjects”

The basic subjects that are included under the Science Stream and sometimes referred to as the STEM subjects are Physics and Chemistry as compulsory subjects. Whereas, it also includes Mathematics as an optional subject but important for students planning to pursue engineering as well as allied programs and certain others after class 12. Similarly, Biology acts as an optional subject at 10+2 level but considered important for students planning to pursue medicine and allied courses after 12th class.

Subjects Pertaining to Commerce

Under the commerce stream, you can select Accounting, Tax, Business Economics, Finance and Mathematics (optional but important for students to build a better base for higher studies like CA, ICWAI, CFA and others).

Subjects Pertaining to the Arts

The subjects that can be selected under Arts stream are History, Political Science, Sociology, Geography, Psychology and Few others.

Now since it is you who need to select the course, although given that you may stick to the natural instincts and would be likely to go with the subjects that interest you. You should use some methods, processes or ways to determine the academic stream which will suit you better.

Career Aptitude Test: To Match Your Personality Type

These Career Aptitude Tests are conducted to help evaluate the aptitude of any individual student to find suitability for a particular field of study.

Career Aptitude Tests revolves around certain questions like what stream you should take. What careers may work best for you, etc. to determine your personality type and highlight various career choices suitable to your interests.

It helps you measure your capabilities and asserts your personal factors that assist you to make an informed career decision.

Psychometric Assessments/Tests

The psychometric test uses scientific methods to determine your mental capabilities, cognitive abilities and behavioural style, it helps you ponder around certain aspects like:-

  • What aspects of the work you will enjoy the most?
  • Your preference of working with things or instead, working with people? etc.

Taking such tests may help you to evaluate your interests, personality and skills and assist you Choose the Right Stream after Class 10th.

Professional Intervention

Taking counselling from professionals may serve as another method to conclude your suitability of any particular stream. These career counsellors will point out your abilities and guide you about various career opportunities pertaining to each stream.

In addition to the ways mentioned above, to determine the Right Stream after Class 10th. You can attend education fairs, career guidance seminars and other options to explore more about your hidden self and career choices corresponding to it. 

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