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Why Residential School is Best for Children

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There are various modes of schooling that your child can attend. Naming a few we can consider a day school, a day-boarding school, homeschooled through open schooling or a boarding school. While considering these aforementioned formats of schooling, you may think of a residential school and must have wondered about the Benefits of residential school over other formats of schooling.
In order to facilitate you take an informed decision for your child, we are mentioning below a few of the factors that highlight the Benefits of boarding or residential school. It will also help you while convincing your child to study at a residential school, away from homely abode.

Care of your child on an extra level

Residential Schools creates a genuine sense of community. A community that is not possible to create and let alone maintaining it in a non-residential day school.

Amid other factors, it’s the availability of the teacher and educators round the clock 24×7 that a boarding school can boast of, over other formats of public schools. Although it’s not a sure factor literally that all the teachers are available every time, however, most of the Residential School teachers live in the school campus itself.

Therefore it’s sure that one or more teachers will be living in the teacher quarters incorporated in the same building where your child will reside. This way, your child will get to know about their teachers and the teachers will get to know them.

Thus, it is for granted that your child cannot hide themselves and their issues in a boarding school. Even if they have developed any issues then it is bound to be noticed. To which, the school will deploy its resources to deal with them and counsel your child appropriately.

Letting your child attend Residential School, will stop all your child-related worries

Letting your child attend Residential School ends your part of doing supervision, and keeping a close watch over them. The fact that the campus of the Residential School will be secure, entrances monitored and the availability of the Staff on the premises. These residential schools serve as a replacement on your part!!

As a cautious parent, you don’t have to worry even for your child’s eating habits. At Residential schools like Career Point Gurukul, there are professionals who cook nutritious food for them. Moreover, the foods are served in a way a family serves, where faculty members and the students share meals collectively.

Your child will always be ahead than that of regular day schools students

Here in this format of schooling, the teachers don’t have to teach for passing a few school tests and school level exams, it’s a factor that makes learning at the Residential School distinct.

As far as learning goals for the core subjects are concerned, the Residential Schools like Career Point Gurukul designs its own academic curriculum, which always exceeds the requirements at the state and local levels.

For instance, although at CP Gurukul the curriculum of CBSE serves as the broader outline, academic learning takes place in three stages.

First Stage Second Stage Third Stage
The first stage of academic learning focuses on the school curriculum and school syllabus. It covers the syllabus at the level of beginners, allowing students of every level to perform well.
Here, in this stage, an average and below-average students get a chance to compete alongside the intelligent ones and get their confidence build up.
It helps them develop psychology allowing an average and below-average students to sustain the pressure of further integrated career preparations.

This second phase at the CP Gurukul is framed to facilitate learning mathematical calculation and analytical skills to reflect upon scientific outlooks.
It incorporates a variety of methods and lessons through the use of study modules designed and developed for competitive examinations.

This phase puts a couple of months aside for the purpose of revision.
Where the syllabus gets retaught and overhauled before the board examinations start.


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