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What are the benefits of getting good marks in class 12th board examination?

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Every student who is going to appear in their class 12th board examinations is advised to score more. Moreover, the concerned students also know its importance in a generalized way. Although, they need to ponder on exactly “what are the benefits of getting good marks in class 12th board examination?”
But before going on to the importance of good grades in 12th class, let us discuss the nature of class 12th board examination and the nature of its assessment. 

Nature of 12th board exam assessment and its importance

It’s mandatory to take class 12th board examination to pursue further higher education, apart from certain certification and diploma courses. These board examinations assess the students’ performance and evaluate the knowledge of the concerned students of the assigned curriculum. Therefore the students need to understand the underlying concept of each involved topics of every chapter. This will help them get max marks in the paper. As an evaluation process leading to further education, it indicates and helps you decide your further course of action. 

Benefits of getting good marks in class 12th board examination

Good marks or say good scores in 12th class primarily find its importance in further higher education. Particularly while getting admission in the primer institutions of higher educations. However, some of you may assert that the majority of institutions draws their admissions through competitive entrance exams. For instance, after class 12th the students who wish to get enrolled in medical or engineering colleges need to appear in NEET or JEE (JEE Main and JEE Advanced).
But you need to know that even though these competitive entrance examinations decide your admissions to these technical courses in the premier educational institutions of India. You need to obtain the required percentage of marks in your class 12th board exams, to be eligible to appear in these entrances. Apart from that, it will also help you if you desire to study in top universities in India as well as the leading foreign universities outside India. In your college life, it will help you rejoice the impression of being a scholar in your college. Also, good marks in class 12th board exams will make it easy to get into higher education like PhD or research-based education. As your class 12th board marks are reviewed during the entrance process. 

Financial benefits of getting good marks in class 12th board examination

If you score more than 90 percent marks in CBSE board exam then the CBSE board will provide you with a scholarship of more than 90 thousand rupees per year for you further undergraduate and P.G studies. For which you would be required to fill up the scholarship form and satisfy other eligibility factors. Some other states boards and related state authorities also grant scholarships based on your performance in class 12th board exams.
Besides these kinds of scholarships, a good score in class 12th will also make it easy to get educational loans to pursue higher education in India as well as abroad. Additionally, you should consider the fact that the value of grades obtained in class 12th board exams will remain with you for your entire life. And will matter till you find a decent job and remain in the work sphere. 
Thus it’s good to prepare and focus on competitive entrance examinations like NEET, JEE Main and JEE Advanced, but you must not ignore your class 12th boards. Since it will certainly help you in your future prospects.

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