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Tips to Score More in Board Exams

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Merely a month is remaining for the board examinations to go and it’s the time to accelerate your preparation. By revising and brushing up the studied portion of the board syllabus and by doing some hacks. We are mentioning below tips to score more in board exams to help you get ahead with others.
Audiovisual learning aid through video lectures/ tutorials
In last moments particularly when only a month time period is left, it would be quite troublesome to read from the textbooks and notes. So instead of getting jumbled up in the textbooks and especially in the reference books, it would be good to use visual learning. Additionally, apart from the students who get occupied during the examination period teachers also get busy. Thus it would be tough to get their hold, and it may seem impossible to get revision sessions from them. And in that time of crisis, you can use the video lectures/tutorials, to clarify your doubts or learn the concepts that you don’t understand. This way you can increase your efficiency and score more in board exams.
Topper’s Answer Sheet- get the insight of their secret
Every student studies, they attend their classes, take tests, although there are few students who get the badge of toper. There is something that makes some toppers and the rest remains below to them. It’s the way of answering that creates this big difference.
Thus looking into the topper’s answer sheet can bring you the insight of their secret!
Moreover, the CBSE realized this fact and its importance and started uploading the copies of the toper’s answer sheets on the CBSE website. To help all the students access it and analyze the factors that made that answer copies admirable. Though it is free to use these great insight resources, the majority of students don’t use them. But you should refer to it and find the elements of writing perfect answers and score more in board exams.
Certain hacks with the NCERT textbooks
It’s a known fact that the NCERT textbooks are the main source from where questions are asked in board exams. Thus in every schooled be it a day school or an intensive boarding school they all follow NCERT textbooks in their classrooms. Therefore every detail of the NCERT textbook is important from the board examination point of view.
Also, you can use a hack that will help you revise. During the period when you will get left only with a couple of days, especially during the gap period provided between two subjects. Wherein, on every page of the NCERT textbook, you can make a little gist of that particular page. You can every point that seems important to you, and try to explain it further in your notebook. It will also help you during the period when you will get left only with a couple of days. Especially during the gap period provided between the two subjects. It will let you revise important points and facts that you can refer in a glance.

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