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Last-Minute Revision Tips for Class X and XII Board Exams

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The aspirants of CBSE class X and class XII board exams are left with only a few days, i.e. period less than a month. So this is the time to put on efforts on the factors and elements that let them score more in the board exams. This is the period to revise and brush up the entire syllabus, or till the extent that you have prepared. Additionally, we are mentioning below a few last-minute revision tips for class X and XII board exams.
Go thru NCERT Books thoroughly
As usual, the Class 12 board query paper will have all the questions from the NCERT textbooks of respective subjects. Thus, it is vital to recollect all the formulas and diagrams. While solving numerical, make sure to practice all the examples given among the chapters and also cover the questions of the exercise given at the end of each chapter.
Revise More and more
When you don’t have enough time left for preparation then students mustn’t get trapped in any particular topic. Students should make sure to revise the complete syllabus leaving aside the time-eating topics. Later on, if you still have time left, you can revise these topics and finish your syllabus. For revision, you can attempt mock tests, to help you revise and gauge your drawbacks.
Plan your Paper
It is essential to know the layout of the board exam question papers. The CBSE board launches the sample papers once a year to help students get hold of the format of the exam and prepare according to it. As having the information about the whole exam pattern will certainly help to save some time in the ongoing exam.
Try to visualize the concepts and the knowledge of your books by connecting it to your daily life. You will witness that once you start connecting with them, your capacity to remember and recall the answers will increase many folds. As you would not be answering from what’s there in your memory, instead you would be answering from your experience clubbed together with what you had studied.
Memories Formulas & Diagrams
It is a general but important tip given by all, so you must pen down and mug up all the formulas and diagrams of your NCERT textbooks. You may also take the help of other reference books to find out more formulas and diagrams of similar types.
Don’t Miss Simple Topics
In a quest to focus on the tough topics of CBSE board examinations during the revisions, students often skip some simple topics. They think that they can easily manage them due to their ease, although, they happen to slip some grip over those. Thus these must not be left behind, since these topics are theory-based and less tricky to understand, and can be scored in them.
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