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How to Find The Best Boarding School In India

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How to Find The Best Boarding School In India

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin

We all know the importance of education in today’s world. Education plays an important role in preparing our progeny for the world of tomorrow, and the first step is the selection of a good school that provides the best learning which will stand the child in a good state in the future.

Now the second thought that came in mind is, how to select the best boarding school in India? How do you choose a school that will prepare your child for a bright and successful future? There are many key points and factors that parents should consider while making this choice.

If you are planning to choose a boarding school for your child then there are major points that you should keep in mind, because sending your child to a boarding school is a very tough task and if you have proper knowledge of what things should be considered in the selection process than it will become quite easy for you and the child also.

Here in this blog we will cover all the points that will definitely help you while choosing the best school for your child.

About Boarding School

  • Location of the school
  • Education preferences and budget
  • Academic environment that you want for your child
  • Co-ed or separate boys or girls boarding school
  • Facilities in the boarding school

About Your Child

  • Child’s strength & weakness
  • Interest of your child in extra-curricular activities
  • Style of academic learning
  • Keeping up with cultural values, goals and preferences
  • Special attention required to your child

Sending your child to boarding school is a hard decision but at the same time it is has so many advantages which are hard to negotiate. Boarding schools make your child independent, self-reliant and also prepare them for handling their future life along with overall development.

There are several factors which should be kept in mind while picking the best boarding school in India for your children. Let’s have a look at some of these factors:

Identify the School

This is the very initial & foremost step to look for in an exceedingly boarding school. Prepare a list of some close good boarding schools to choose the one meeting your expectations. Check on-line or participate in forums to grasp regarding the most effective schools and their details. One can directly discuss with the school authorities or can undergo their website to know about their reputation, recognition and other important data.

Identify the schools that square measure within the region and search through their websites. Write down names and narrow down your list on the premise of school background like, is it co-educational, boys, girls, military, etc. study what they have to offer and the way much do they cost. Note the names that fit your expectations. You’ll search through the web for the school ratings and comments from present or past students or parents for getting an outline of the school environment.

Reputation of School

What do the previous and current students think about the school and the education offered by them? So alumni believe that their school prepares them for future stages of their life and their parents feel that they received appropriate worth for their money? One will undergo these details to understand the ranking and name of the boarding school.

Online Registration

After identifying the boarding school, apply online by filling the online application form. It can be done by visiting the official website of the school. Most of the schools follow the process of online registration.

Visit the School

This is the second step and is the important one that can’t be neglected. Visit the school to urge an improved understanding of the school atmosphere. Yes, it takes time to conclude whether or not the school is ideal for your kid or not. Check if the school offers activities that interest your child. Consult all the prospects with your child and tell them the choices you prefer. Find out about the safety options of the school and the way they handle the emergencies.

Finalize the School and Start Preparation for the Entrance Exam

This is conjointly a necessary step to finalise your call of choosing more than a school. Build your call right and perceive what the schools expect from their students. Apply to the schools in every class and conduct admissions through a drawn-out method. You can check for the following: extracurricular, co-curricular activities, academics & non-academics, faculty, hostel & meal facilities, class size & several alternatives things.

Pick more than a school & understand what the schools expect from students. Check whether or not they organize entrance tests for admission or not. Build your kid well ready for the complete entrance method.

It is a general norm in the schools across India. Whereas some schools could take admission by grading the past educational performance of the child, others conduct a regular admission test that may include easy questions from previous classes, essays and general ability. Schools tend to interview the child before admitting them therefore encourage your child to talk freely before the interview.

Pay the Fees

Last but not the least, pay the fees online & complete all the formalities. Boarding schools in Kota wait for only a limited time before handing over the seats to other candidates. As Kota is an educational hub so the seats of boarding school fill very fast.

Career Point Gurukul is one of the reputed boarding schools that offers integrated education to the students with competitive exam preparation with various scholarship schemes, parents can apply for them during the process of submission of application form.

Hope the above factors will help you during the selection process of boarding school in India.

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