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The Philosophy of Mind

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The conscious mind has the ability to think it can accept or reject. But the subconscious only accepts. It makes no distention regarding input. If we feed our mind with thoughts of fear hate and doubt the auto suggestions which are statements made in present tense for oneself will activate and translate those things into reality the subconscious mind
is like a databank.

The subconscious is like the automobile
while the conscious is more powerful as the power is in the automobile howeverthe control is with the driver. The subconscious mind can work for us or against us it is not rational of we are not successful we need to reprogram the subconscious.The subconscious mind is like a garden it does not care what we pant it is neutral it has no preferences. If we plant good seeds we will have a good garden otherwise we will have a wild growth of weeds. On further illustrating the statement weeds do grow constantly in good garden which must probably be removed constantly like that human mind is no difference positive and negative thoughts can’t occupy the mind simultaneously in order to succeed we need to program our mint in a positive way. The stage of unconscious competence is the stage where we want our positive habits which are detrimental to our progress. Our mind is like a box with two doors an entrance and an exit. Several pass negative and positive thoughts come to our mind but it entirely depend upon us which to choose and which to regard. We are what we think we are here is where comes meditation which is nothing but focusing on a particular point in the subconscious mind. As we know that the mind is very volatile it does not stay in one place meditation is the technique though concentration by which this task can be achieved. When the subconscious mind becomes stable we can control what enters and leaves our mind which other traits which help us in taking accurate decision based on accurate measurement of the merits and demerits of that decision. It is necessary as sometimes we take such harsh decisions in emotion or impatience that consequences become too worse to bear. Nature provides solution to every problem it presents but just we are so long thinking about the good past depressed that we don’t recognise the solution which is right in front of us. Habits too play a important part at this and can be changed it is a question of breaking and replacing old negative habits with good new positive ones. It is easier to present bad habits than to overcome them. Good habits are unhappiness is a habit. Excellence is a result of repeated conscious effort until the behavior or attitude becomes a habit.

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