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Importance of Physical Activity for students

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You must have heard of an old proverb that a sound mind resides in a sound body. Thus, if as a student you want to function your brain at the optimum level which is necessary for the studies, you need to retain a sound state of the body. Now there are two basic components of fitness, the first one is the type and quality of food and water we intake and another one is physical activities and exercises. However, it is quite evident that in the modern style of living where we depend on technology for everything, and the physical capacity has reduced drastically in comparison to our earlier human generations. Therefore to make our future generation better with it, we need to instill the understanding of fitness among our tender generation. We need to highlight the importance of physical activity for the students.

Empowers your brain

Apart from improving bodily functions physical activity and exercise also enhance the mental function. Researches have shown that early morning exercises increase serotonin and level of energy in the body increasing productivity throughout the day. Various research also indicates that the students who are actively indulged in physical activities, routine exercise and physical sports remain very productive in their studies. Physical activity in the form of exercise or sports strengthens the nerve cells and their interconnections making you more alert and stimulates your brain increasing its functioning. Thus this improved productivity makes you a better student.

Helps reduce your stress

Stress has not only infiltrated into the lives of grown-ups but also younger students. Apart from its impact on the minds, its negative impact can be seen on various bodily functions too. On the other hand, once you get involved in an active regime of physical activity or say exercise, stress gets to shed out of your daily life. Physical activity on a routine basis induces a relaxation response that improves positive well-being and keeps depression away. Stress-free life reduces the level of the body’s stress hormone, cortisol. Studies suggest that physical activity produces endorphins that help to relax your body and mind. As a result, you get less irritable and become more productive. It improves sleeping disorders and helps you attain improved mood and enhanced state of mind.

Increases the energy level of your body

In the beginning, exercise may seem to make you feel more tired, but once your body adjusts to it, you will feel more flexibility in your body and feel to have more energy. During physical activities like that of running, sporting, or exercising, endorphins are released into your bloodstream that makes you more energized for the rest of your day. It improves your strength and stamina and helps you become more energetic gradually.

Enhances your confidence and self-esteem

A regular exercise regimen will not only strengthen your muscles but also improve your overall bodily functions. Thus increasing flexibility of your body and enhancing your immune system. Studies have shown that it also helps you gain a better sense of endurance. Additionally, it will enhance your confidence and bring high levels of self-esteem by making you feel and look healthy, fit and toned.
Moreover, it’s the wide variety of prolonged physical and mental benefits that the boarding schools have now involved physical activities into their routines, in the form of exercises, sports, and games.

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