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Career Point Children’s Summer Camp 2020

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Summer is at its peak, and for the students, it brings them summer holidays and a chance to participate in the various summer camps. Where they get the chance to learn various extracurricular and rejoice in the fun activities. But as the ongoing Corona epidemic has altered all aspects of normal life, it has also put the regular summer activities under the lock-down. Therefore reflecting upon the situation, Career Point Gurukul has taken an initiative to bring up an online summer camp for all the Students of career Point group schools. The vice-principle of CP Gurukul Kota, Mrs Meenal Vasal asserted that it is a first of its kind camp. Wherein, the students will get a chance to participate, perceive and experience life skills in a virtual format. Currently, this camp is being organised for the students of CP Gurukul Kota, CP Gurukul Rajasmand, Global Public Schools Kota, CP World School Bilaspur, and CP World School Jodhpur. All these schools belong to the Career Point group of Schools and the students of these schools can avail the children’s Summer Festival free of cost. The sessions of this festivity are being hosted through the YouTube channel of Career Point. 
Here the students will get the chance to learn about sports, visual arts, performing arts, and the art of cookery from the celebrated experts of their segments. In the visual arts & performing arts section, the students will get to learn the specifications of various arts. It will help them discover where their interest lies, introducing them with the details to try their hands on. These art activities, their date sheet, and resource persons are as mentioned below:-

DATE Visual Arts
Performing Arts
May 25, 2020 Mural painting,
Rajasthani painting,
Warli painting
Mr Lalit Pachori
May 26, 2020 Instrument
(Guitar ,Casio)
Mr Vijay Rawal
May 27, 2020 Glass painting &
Fabric painting,
Canvas painting
Mr Pradeep
May 28, 2020 Instrument
Drum & Harmonium
Mr Abhishek Sagar
May 29, 2020 Vocal Music Mr Abhishek Sagar 
Mr Vijay Rawal
May 30, 2020 Dance Mrs Ankita Gupta,
Mrs Jyoti Jha, 

Mr Somes

Similarly, in the sports section, the students will be introduced to the sports specifications as well as other involved technicalities of the particular sports. These games along with their date sheet, and resource persons are as mentioned below:-

May 25, 2020 Football Mr. Rizwan
May 26, 2020 Basketball Mr. Nasir Ali
May 27, 2020 Badminton Mr. Kamal Dalal
May 28, 2020 Cricket Mr. Jitendra Singh
May 29, 2020 Yoga Ms. Shweta Nagora
May 30, 2020 Zumba Mr. Somesh 
Ms. Shivani Soni

Mrs Vasal further said that Miss Prachi Mehta, who has earned a B.Sc Honours degree in Culinary Arts and Management from the University of West London, will introduce the students to the arts of cookery. Earlier she has served at Michelin Star Restaurants in London and Copenhagen. She has also worked in the India’s best restaurant “The Bombay Canteen”.
This fun and frolic 5-day long summer festival started on May 25th  2020 and will continue till May 30th 2020. This camp does not require any registration and filling up of enrollment forms. It’s a free initiative of the CP Gurukul Kota, to lighten up the whole grumpy pandemic. For more information remain tuned to the online portals of CP Gurukul Kota.

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