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The first step in a student’s life comes when he is admitted in a hostel. For sure the first night is spent sleepless pondering over things and crying with the pillow remembering parents who will not be there the next morning to wake you up. Eventually get interacted with the roommate and exchange the contact number. Next is the hunt for your gang with whom you will be found for the rest of your stay in the hostel. These guys are eventually crossed while playing in the same teams in between a game. Hostel’s mess when the food is compared with the incredible cooking of mother or in the recreation room while you insist to play a particular channel.

In our Gurukul, we discovered these facts of hostel life. Though before coming to hostel listening to those ragging stories sent shiver down the spine but the environment here was nothing but like a dream comes true. Then the motivational speech of the director in the orientation sets your eyes on the aim and the rest is just to pul the trigger.

Classes are learning with fun with interactive teachers. Then comes the coaching part which facilitates students with highly qualified and experienced faculty frequently functions are hold to keep the spirit of education high festival celebrated with pomp and show irrespective of any religion.

The hostel life even comprise of sport which give a healthy start to the day with morning physical training. Then the games in the evening with every sort of requirement although the best part is outing in every part night duration when friends are let loose per shopping. I wish as a student I could spend rest of my life in Gurukul.

I love being at my first ever hostel and can proudly say to a stranger that I am a Gurukulite.

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