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Career Point Gurukul Winter Carnival

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In continuance with the Annual Function held every year, CP Gurukul has initiated to organize the Winter Carnival, from 2018 onwards. As per the words of Miss Meenal Vasal (vice-principal CP Gurukul) in its initial year, the CP Gurukul Winter Carnival was started in the form of an in-house rejuvenating fun activity exclusively for the students of CP Gurukul. Devised and meant to lighten them up after a long span of academic and allied learning with their family as well as mentors that otherwise, they happen to miss usually. Whereas, this year, the school management decided to share these beautiful moments of happiness with the rest of the world that resides beyond the four walls of the CP Gurukul campus. To let its students mingle with the commoners and share their ecstatic experiences.

Schedule and attraction of CP Gurukul Winter Carnival

The winter carnival is being organized in the CP Gurukul campus on the 22nd of December 2019, and can be enjoyed from 11 am till 4 pm. Moreover, entry to this warm celebration is free and open to all, and students of any school, as well as their parents, are welcomed.

The CP Gurukul has a fusion of students across the country as well as NRI students from the U.S, U.K, Singapur, Dubai, UAE, Katar, etc., making the student community multi-cultural, which can be seen in the upcoming Winter Carnival.

Attractions of Winter Carnival

  • Food stalls to serve multi cuisines along with local street food.
  • Entertainers like magician, juggler, and Santa clause to cheer up the kids.
  • Game zone for all age groups, including a variety of games and amusements like- life-size giant snake and ladder game, dart game, balloon shooting, trampoline, joy ride, etc.
  • Live band show from Clive Ansley group, and musical presentation by the boarding school band group involving shows each from alumni of CP Gurukul as well as the students currently studying in the school.
  • The students of CP Gurukul will also showcase some mesmerizing performances, including the flash mob. Additionally, they will share a glimpse of their artifacts and art crafts created by them. And the list goes on.


Come, let’s celebrate together this moment of joy this Sunday through CP Gurukul Winter Carnival this cozy wintertime!!


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