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How to convince your child to study at a Residential School

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Parenting involves taking up lots of decisions and responsibilities. And sometimes while doing so, you may need to convince your child about any particular decisions, about something that you know to be beneficial for them. Sometimes it needs creating mutual consent. For instance, convincing your child to study at a residential school away from the homely abode.

Now consider imagining a situation where you think of a boarding school or say residential school for your child, and their response or reaction when you disclose it to them. Well, you would be required to convince them about the benefits of residential school to make them agree for attending it.

Perhaps their first reactions will be negative because all they will feel is that they will be losing all their friends and family. In the first place, they will infer that going off to a residential school will separate them from everything they know, love and care.

But in order to make a mutual agreement with their inner consent quickly. You should plan your strategy to disclose your idea of residential school carefully, and discuss the matter with them rather than dictating what you plan to happen.

You only have to indicate to them how much you care about them and their betterment. Also, that they will not always be having a desired sweet experience in pursuit of something. Although, it may bring sweeter experience later. You just need to open them to the various short and long-term benefits of a Residential School Education.

Hopefully, then they will trust your judgment and it will bring them good sense to study at a residential school when you put it to them that way. Further, discuss with them about what they need to build successful years away at Residential School.

In general, the Residential School accepts students at the secondary level of schooling, although class 6th to class 11th serves as the most common entry point. Whatever may be their inner instincts like that of a musician, an athlete etc. you should find a boarding school like Career Point Gurukul having all the programs and activities which they desire and need.

Life at residential school is not restricted, it’s structured

It’s generally a misconception that the life at boarding school will be structured; it will be organized and not very strictly controlled.

They need to be told that surely they can watch TV, listen to music and talk on their cell phones.
The only restrictions they will have in terms of not being allowed to do any of those things exclusively.

There in the Residential School, they will be doing homework, attending extracurricular activities, participate in sports and much more in their day-to-day activity. And since every other student will be doing the same things, your child will not feel left out to do these prescribed activities as punishment; rather it will bring a sense of fun to them. Together, your child and their classmates will be deeply immersed in these balanced activities and won’t feel more scheduled and restricted.

Now during your searching process for a good Residential School, do an in-depth review of their curriculums. Surprisingly, you will get to know that each year, your son/daughter will be doing far more academic activities than they would be doing in a top day school.

Residential Schools offer the requisite academic courses generally not found in public day schools, it’s another thing worth considering. For instance, early preparations for foreign tests like TOEFL, IELTS etc. are not extras even in top private day schools.

Whereas in the case of Residential Schools like Career Point Gurukul you will find a mix of academics, extracurricular activities, and athletics that the School feels necessary for developing your child to their fullest potential.

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