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Why Career Point Gurukul is the Perfect Boarding school for your child?

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Every parent aspires to provide the best education facility to their children. To help them learn and flourish to their full potential and lead a successful life ahead. If you are one of the aspiring parents then you should put your child in the school that provides a well balanced standard format of education with all the facility, probably a boarding school. For which you can head towards the education city of Rajasthan Kota. Where exists the Career Point Gurukul, the gurukul of the new age equipped with all modern facilities. The best boarding school that caters all the needs of a child to help him evolve as a successful person.
Let’s look at the factors that will assert that why Career Point Gurukul is the Perfect Boarding school for your child:-

Living facilities:-

In any other residential school, they generally provide students with dormitories which are considered as the basic living requirements of students. A large hall that accommodates multiple students, where the students share all the basic commodities like lavatory, open reading space with only independent beds.
On the other hand, at Career Point Gurukul, every child gets a single living space or a room occupied to be shared by two students, as per the choice of the parents or the students. These single or double occupied living accommodations are spacious. Equipped with modern facilities and designed in a manner that it allows sufficient natural light falls into the room.
These accommodations have facilities like hot and cold water in the bathroom, comfortable beds and pillows, personal wardrobes etc. moreover, every student of the boarding school gets access to the common room with televisions, music system, magazines, books and other recreational reading materials, with various indoor games to lighten up in the recesses.

Food Facilities:-

Career Point Gurukul always serves the foods cooked under hygienic condition prepared from the fresh and pure ingredients. And since the school has students from various regions and cultures not only from India but from foreign countries like Dubai, UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the school mess tries to incorporate diverse cuisines. To provide the tastes of various regions, to help avoid the students get the feeling of being in a foreign place.

Sports and athletics:-

Apart from the high-end facility to assist in imparting quality education, the boarding school provides extensive sports and physical education programs. There are outdoor and indoor game facilities, various courts and grounds of different sports. The games that your child can get involved into like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Lawn tennis, Volleyball, badminton, Table tennis, and other forms of athletics. The school also conducts training for inter-state, national as well as international tournaments for different games and the students have done well in past years also.
Come let your child grow and flourish to their fullest at Career point Gurukul Kota.

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