Career Point Gurukul Integrated Prep Vs Coaching Institute

Criteria CP Gurukul Integrated Prep Coaching Institute
Teaching Methodology SMARTPrep Methodology to ensure a successful career of each student.  Designed by keeping only a few students in mind.
Board/School Preparation The Board/School syllabus is completed well in advance. Revision is also part of methodology to ensure high %age marks in Board.  No focus at all.
Faculty Expert Faculty Members. Not sure, as the names of faculty members are not disclosed at the time of admission.
Competitive Environment Fairly competitive & stress-free environment which encourage the student to do his/her best. Highly competitive & stressful environment which demotivates student in majority cases.
Individual Attention & Personal Care Very high individual attention and personal care as less number of students are put into the class, as the school believes each individual to be equally important. Part of the crowd and nobody care unless student is a ranker.
Career Planning The methodology is designed to ensure a successful career ahead. Focus only on the coaching that result in a few ranks. No focus on career planning is made and large number of students fail to give direction to their career.
Life Skills Development Participation in co-curricular activities ensures life skill development – very important to have successful career. No focus at all.
Physical & Mental Health All sports facilities within campus to help the students remain physically & mentally fit. No facilities as such.
Results Each child is important hence the school administration tries to bring the best output of each student. Focus only on a few extraordinary good students as the Rankers become the poster figures and help in future enrolment of students in the coaching institute.
Time Utilization Maximum as all facilities are within the school campus itself. No efficient utilization of time.
Unnecessary Distraction Almost nil as your child stay within the campus. A lot of unnecessary distraction as your child stay in private hostels and move in the city throughout the day.
Safety & Security Highly safe and secure campus. Little or nil.